Frequent Questions

How can I reduce the long time needed to run the Nonroad emission factor post-processing scripts?

Very long run times are not unusual for emission factor post-processing scripts, particularly with a large output database.

To reduce script run time, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Reduce the size of your output database by choosing just the amount of detail you need in the ‘Output Emissions Detail’ panel
  2. Only select sectors in the ‘Vehicles/EquipmentàNonRoad Vehicle Equipment’ panel for which you have appropriate activity data
  3. Manually delete equipment types for which you don’t have activity information from the output file before running the script

MySQL can be used to manually delete equipment types. For example, if I only had activity data for Pavers (NREquipTypeID=6) and Rollers (NREquipTypeID=6) in the Construction sector, the following script could be run in MySQL to reduce output to only Pavers and Rollers before running the EmissionFactors_per_hphr_by_Equipment_and_Horsepower script in MOVES:


delete [output database].movesoutput from [output database].movesoutput

inner join movesdb20161117.nrscc using(SCC)

inner join movesdb20161117.nrequipmenttype using(NREquipTypeID)

where NREquipTypeID not in (6, 9);

# drop all equipment types except Pavers and Rollers

# We suggest making a copy of your original ‘movesoutput’ table before deleting records:

create table [output database].movesoutput_copy;

select * from [output database].movesoutput;


Note: To use the 'delete' function, 'Safe Updates' must be unchecked in the 'EditàPreferencesàSQL Editor' panel in MySQL.


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