Frequent Questions

Where can I find more information on installing MOVES?


MOVES is designed to run on a single personal computer with a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.  

The recommended minimum hardware for a desktop or laptop computer is:

  • CPU with 4 or more cores:  Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen i5 or greater
  • 51B GB storage or more; PCIe NVMe 128 or greater
  • 16 or 32 GB RAM

MOVES is not CPU or memory intensive, it is I/O intensive.  Faster Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Memory are well suited for MOVES runs.


The installer has a wizard-style interface that guides the user through the MOVES installation process and therefore doesn’t have a standalone installation guide. If you run into difficulties while installing MOVES, there is a “Troubleshoot” button at the bottom of the installation wizard that will display frequently asked questions and solutions.

While we have limited resources to assist in the installation of Java or MySQL, each page in the MOVES installation wizard contains a “Help” button with additional frequently asked questions and solutions.

Additional information may be found in the Software Design Reference Manual (SDRM). An overview of the installation process is found in Chapter 3 of the SDRM (pp. 15-17). The SDRM also applies to MOVES2014b, the latest version of MOVES. You can obtain the SDRM from our web site at: 


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