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How do I model emissions at an intersection?

MOVES2014b is a comprehensive mobile source emissions model and operates at multiple scales.  "Project scale" in MOVES is specifically designed for this type of intersection analysis. 


You can download the model here:


Because MOVES is a comprehensive model and this kind of analysis can be very complex, EPA has provided the following resources to help users:

  • MOVES Hands-On Training course: The course materials provide background on how MOVES works, plus details on the major applications of MOVES.  Module 8 in the course materials provides an overview of using MOVES for Project Scale analyses. Course materials can be found here:
  • PM Hot-spot Guidance: This guidance document describes how to use MOVES along with air quality dispersion models to estimate emissions and concentrations of particulate matter (PM) resulting from a transportation project.  Although the guidance focuses of a specific pollutant and the transportation regulations that apply to that pollutant, the chapter on using MOVES for this type of analysis includes information that could be applied more generally as well.  It is much more detailed than the training material above.  You can download the guidance here:


In addition, there is a separate training course on project level hot-spot analysis.  Course materials can be found here:

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