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I am running MOVES2014 runspecs similarly set up that are taking 100 minutes to complete. The second quarter of that time MOVES is apparently idle, then at fifty minutes (halfway through the run) the workers finally start doing work. Do you know what is h

We reviewed the log file you provided. During that time, RatesOperatingModeDistributionGenerator is performing one time analysis of drive cycles. It is most certainly not "idle"!

From the log:
10/8/14 5:57 AM INFO: newSBDG setupTime=0 bundleTime=12652
10/8/14 6:26 AM DEBUG: ROMD calculateOpModeFractions processID=1
10/8/14 6:29 AM INFO: ROMDG setupTime=1719045 bundleTime=197668

The time gap between the SourceBinDistributionGenerator and RatesOperatingModeDistributionGenerator corresponds to the ROMDG setupTime of 171905 milliseconds (28.6 minutes) plus time for one per-bundle data of 197668 milliseconds (3.3 minutes).

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