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Has the default vehicle population changed from MOVES 2010 to MOVES2010a? Has the default HPMS VMT and related VMT mix changed as well?

The base year (1999) VMT values have not changed from MOVES2010 to MOVES2010a. The VMT growth factors change starting in calendar year 2005. This affects the default VMT that is allocated to states. But, the proportions of the VMT that are allocated to counties, road types, months, days and hours have not changed.  

The sales growth factors have changed for all starting in 2000, so the national default vehicle populations will be different in all years, except 1990 and 1999. There is a list of the changes from MOVES2010 to MOVES2010a on our web site at:

Note, users doing SIP or conformity analyses should see the MOVES technical guidance ( for information on developing local inputs for this information. 

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