Frequent Questions

Are there hours in which there are no emissions? While looking my MOVES results, I noticed that for 3 vehicle classes (School Bus, Single Unit Short-Haul Truck, and Transit Bus) there are no emissions for the early and late hours of the day for start emis

Yes, MOVES has no start emissions for the certain sourcetypes in certain hours of the day.   While we know that a non-zero number of these sourcetypes do start late a night, our activity data on these trucks and buses did not include activity in these late-night hours. In this case, we allocated all starts to the hours where data was available. 

You can confirm this by looking at the SampleVehicleTrip table.  This table is used to determine the number of starts and when they occur. It also calculates soak times.  For these source types (42,43 & 52) there are no trips beginning in hours 2 through 4 and 21 through 24. If you have detailed data on start times and soak times for those vehicles during those hours, contact us at for additional help.

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