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The template created for IM Programs contains rows for all source types and all fuel types; however MOVES does not provide I/M benefits for all source types and fuel types. How do you recommend creating an Excel input table for the IM Programs which I can

If you already have an I/M program in your area, you should always begin by exporting the default I/M program in MOVES, reviewing it, making any changes to the default program, and re-importing it, rather than trying to fill a new template with the appropriate information.  If you take the second approach, MOVES may continue to use default information and you may get unexpected results.  When editing the default table, use the "useIMyn" field to turn specific parts of an I/M program off as opposed to deleting the line, which may also cause unintended results. 

If you must create a template for an area that does not currently have default I/M program information in MOVES, the template will have rows for all combinations of vehicle types and fuels that are selected in the On Road Vehicle Equipment panel in the RunSpec. However, only gasoline fueled vehicles (fuel type 1) have benefits assigned for the implementation of I/M programs.  Other vehicle/fuel combinations should be deleted from the template.

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