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I've several questions about running MOVES so it uses two PC's. Will all runspecs use both PC's or do I need something really CPU-intensive before the second computer is involved? So, will the example runspec use two PC's? If not, what would I need to tes

Any runspecs you run with this setup (including the example) will use both PCs. The Master machine will generate TODO files, the Worker machine will process them and produce DONE files. The Master machine will pick up the DONE files and create the output database. You do not need to run the Master application on the Worker machine, only the Worker application.

We suggest that you try manually starting a Worker application on PC-1 as well. The Master application will automatically start a worker on its own machine (PC-1) *unless* it already sees workers available in the shared work folder. So, in your case, the Master will not automatically start a worker once the Worker on PC-2 is started. However, since the Master has less work to do once it has created all of the TODO files, having a Worker application on PC-1 may help process all of the TODO files faster than just relying on the Worker on PC-2.

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