Frequent Questions

Where can I find more information or exercises to convert MOBILE6 inputs to MOVES inputs?

We have developed a number of spreadsheet-based tools to help with the conversion MOBILE6 input files to MOVES input files which can be found on the web at:

Each spreadsheet tool has a tab that has full instructions on the use of the convertor.

EPA and FHWA offer a 2-day training course in MOVES which includes a substantial discussion of the MOBILE6 to MOVES converter tools described above.  The schedule for that class can be found here:

The training materials for that class include examples and exercises for the use of the converter tools.  Those training materials can be found here:

You may also want to obtain and review the MOVES Technical Guidance document. This describes how to obtain and format the information needed to run MOVES. You can obtain this document on the web at:

 You should also familiarize yourself with the MOVES User Guide, which contains descriptions of how to use the various options.

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