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Are there tools to help ease the transition from MOBILE6.2 to MOVES?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has posted tools to help with the transition from MOBILE6.2 to MOVES. These tools are spreadsheet files that take MOBILE6.2 (or NMIM) formatted inputs such as registration distributions and average speed distributions, and convert them to MOVES format. 

The conversion processes include mapping schemes for matching MOBILE6.2 vehicles classes to MOVES source types and for matching MOBILE6.2 road types to MOVES road types. The detailed instructions are included in the converter files and the converters automatically perform all the necessary calculations when MOBILE6.2 formatted data are entered.

The converters address almost all of the inputs specified in the MOVES County Data Manager. There are multiple versions of some of the converters to account for differences between MOBILE and NMIM inputs and for differences in the way users may be aggregating vehicle types. The converters are posted on the web page, Tools for MOVES:

EPA will post additional tools on this page as they are developed.

EPA's two-day MOVES training course includes extensive instruction on the use of the converters.  Training materials course can be found at:

Finally, the MOVES Technical Guidance ( also addresses issues related to the transition to MOVES and is the central reference for developing inputs for MOVES.

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