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I had a question about doing a MOVES run in Emission Rate Mode. Does the meteorology tab for inputs have to be satisfied to run the model in this mode? If you do not use your own input file, will the defaults automatically be used for the run?

When you run MOVES in the Emission Rate mode MOVES will generate a set of emission rates for 24 temperatures, one for each hour of the day. The Meteorology tab of the County Data Manager (CDM) allows you to provide the temperature and humidity values that will be used. 

Although MOVES will use default information if the Meteorology tab is left blank, EPA Technical Guidance (Section 3.2, "Technical Guidance on the Use of MOVES2010 for Emission Inventory Preparation in State Implementation Plans and Transportation Conformity") should be followed when calculating emission rates. Appendix A of the MOVES User Guide also provides information on selecting temperatures for Emission Rate runs. You can obtain the technical guidance document and the User Guide on the web at:

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