Frequent Questions

Where can I find default HPMSBaseYearVMT values for a specific county?

MOVES does calculate default values for VMT for each calendar year for each county. Since these values are calculated, they are not found in any table in the default database. If you wish to obtain the default estimates, you will need to run MOVES for the time and location you are interested in and select the distance activity output. The results of your MOVES run will produce a MOVESActivityOutput table which will contain the VMT values by source type. Source type can be easily aggregated into the six HPMS vehicle classifications using the mapping found in the SourceUseType table of the default database.

EPA expects users to develop local VMT estimates for SIPs and regional conformity analyses. The default VMT values by county are based on a national VMT estimate adjusted to the county level using local allocation factors, which may not be accurate for all counties and should not be used for official submissions to EPA. Please see the MOVES technical guidance ( for more details on the use of default data in MOVES.



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