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Can MOVES report output in terms of fuel consumption?

Although gallons of fuel consumed are not reported by MOVES, the factors used to convert total energy consumption (a MOVES reporting option) to gallons of fuel are contained in the FuelSubtype table (energy content, reported in kilojoules per gram of fuel) and the FuelType table (fuel density, reported in grams of fuel per gallon) of the MOVES default database. These values, plus other standard factors, such as grams of carbon per gram of COand the lower heating value (LHV, KJ/BTU), can be used to determine gallons of liquid fuels.

The process for calculating gallons of fuel consumed from energy using the MOVES database values is described in the technical report “Greenhouse Gas and Energy Consumption Rates for On-road Vehicles: Updates for MOVES2014” (EPA-420-R-15-003, October 2015), Chapter 6. This report is available on our web page at: 

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