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What should I do when I get this error message: "Error message: MYSQL server is running with the --secure-file-priv option" ?

You can get this error message when importing data.

Below are the steps to take to resolve the Secure-File-Priv flag problem.   

So there are two ways to remediate the problem:

  1. You can go into you’re my.ini file in the MOVE directory and find the line secure-file-priv and edit to look like this: secure-file-priv=""
  2. Or,you can go into Workbench and change the server options there: options file -> uncheck secure-file-priv and restart the server.


Just say OK

Once more….

Remove the check mark from secure-file-priv:

To apply the changes, look lower right hand part of the screen.

Restart the server.  This is in your System Tray on the lower right-hand corner of your screen

Here’s where it is.


 Click on the button and it expands to this:


Click on the MySQL icon and restart:




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