Frequent Questions

How can I incorporate local data into my MOVES-Nonroad run?

We recommend not modifying the internal tables of the MOVES-Nonroad model to incorporate local data, as this can lead to unintended consequences.

Instead, you can apply local activity and population data by:

  1. Executing a nonroad run in Inventory mode for the county of interest
  2. Applying a nonroad post-processing script on your nonroad output database to generate emissions factors (Post-processing → Run MySQL script on Nonroad Output Database)
  3. Multiplying the emission factors produced by the script by your local population or activity data (based on the script selected) to generate an inventory

Script selection will depend on the type and level of local data to be applied, and each script has different requirements for level of output detail selected in the Output Emissions Detail Panel prior to running MOVES.

For descriptions of the 10 available nonroad post-processing scripts and details on how to apply each script, see Section 5.3 of the MOVES technical guidance:

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